An ancient artifact is stolen . . . A long-lost document is found . . .  A mysterious and dangerous journey unfolds . . .

New York Times reporter Maggie Seline writes an explosive book that offers a controversial solution to the Middle East crisis. When she uncovers a radical energy scheme that threatens the oil industry, Maggie suddenly vanishes. Her disappearance ignites a worldwide women's march to Jerusalem that rattles the status quo and parallels a frantic race to possess ancient talismans.

An upcoming peace conference hides the true motivation of Giovanni Mabus, outgoing president of the European Commission. In league with the clandestine pseudo-Masonic group, Propaganda Due, he devises a plan aimed at furthering political and military chaos in the Middle East in order to accomplish his aims. Meanwhile, Maggie secretly teams up with Dead Sea Scrolls scholar Michael Sonada in a race to thwart the sinister plot -- a race that takes them into the forbidden regions of Nepal to make an earth-shattering discovery.

PURE VISION forges ancient myths and contemporary challenges in this provocative and thrilling epic adventure. At every turn, Perri Birney's intriguing scenario encourages a closer look at the spiritual forces that infuse the world's political battles.                                                                                                                                      

The writing team of Perri Birney (Angelina and Lawrence Birney) are making no bones about it. Their novel, PURE VISION: The Magdalene Revelation proposes a radical resolution to the Israeli/Palestinian crisis. The book presents the notion that purely political and military solutions will lead to nothing but more dead ends. Instead a spiritual leap is necessary to create peace.

With the premise that powerful spiritual and mythological beliefs have always infused the world’s politics, a peace walk known as the Seline March becomes a driving baseline movement throughout Pure Vision—women from all over the world moving en masse toward Jerusalem, each with their own story but joined in a common goal: creating an international peace zone. This monumental walk starts in the Hudson Valley where a march of women begins in Bearsville, moves through Woodstock and Kingston, continuing on down the Hudson Valley into Manhattan, eventually igniting a worldwide movement.

New York residents with their own international stories to tell, Angelina and Lawrence have lived and traveled all over the world. With a Masters in English Education from N.Y.U. and a Bachelors in Writing and Communications, Angelina has also been trained in the Tibetan Buddhist lama tradition and completed a three-year retreat. While traveling extensively throughout Tibet, Nepal and India, she experienced the rich cultures and spiritual traditions practiced in these lands. She received teachings on the various myths explored within Pure Vision, in particular that of Shambhala, from several eminent teachers including the Dalai Lama. Angelina is also an alumna of the White House Project, an organization which promotes women’s advancement and leadership. She is the author of Powerful Women Changing the World, a blog dedicated to women’s influence on world affairs. Angelina's work has also been published in the McGraw-Hill anthology, Women: Images and Realities.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Lawrence lived there for ten years before moving with his family to Libya. In Tripoli, surrounded by antiquities from the Roman era through World War II, he gained first-hand knowledge of Arab culture and its historical position on the world stage. His exploration of the underground tunnels used by Erwin Rommel’s Panzerarmee Afrika is a foundational element within Pure Vision. Lawrence studied Modern European History and Economics at the Institute for European Affairs in Lugano, Switzerland before returning to the U.S. to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering from Bridgeport Engineering Institute. Lawrence's blog, The Yes Factor, focuses on the power of the heart to influence change and create a new paradigm. He is a student of both Christian and Eastern mysticism.

If you thrive on unraveling mysteries and discovering threatening secrets like those found in Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The Da Vinci Code, then Perri Birney’s innovative novel is a must read. Pure Vision’s additional ingredient of social conscience and an ending that stimulates readers to create a new paradigm makes it all the more powerful and explosive – a contemporary statement meant to move you out of your mind and onto the street.                     


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